Things you might ask.

I placed my order, how long will it take to arrive?

Thanks for placing an order, we really appreciate it. Your order will ship out next day using UPS and should be with you in around a day or two after ordering. Hold tight, it's worth the wait!

I can't ship to my State?

We have US Partners that supply our products all over the USA so don't worry. Our direct website focuses on selling on the West Coast of the USA to states surrounding California.

If you are located further East of the Mississippi you can visit or to shop our soap bases and ingredients.

Can I collect my order / will call?

No, sadly at the moment we don't allow collections of orders, eventually we will. However we do ship for free, so save your gas and order online we ship with UPS.

I ordered a few different products and only part of my order has arrived?

Don't panic, UPS can at times separate out packages, and items can be delayed. We suggest being patient and waiting till the next day if possible, we can follow up with UPS if you order has still not shown up. We try our best to get your orders shipped safely and securely.

My Clear soap base arrived but doesn't look very transparent?

This is totally normal, the larger blocks of soap base will not appear transparent, due to the size. Simply cut into small pieces of soap, melt down slowly, mix and then pour into your soap moulds and the product should look great and super transparent / clear. 

How much fragrance can I add to the soap base?

We suggest no more than 3% MAX of all additions, usually customers will add around 1% we always suggest you run your own testing and stability before selling the product. The more additives you add to a clear soap base the more likely you are to lose transparency, so bear this in mind. 

I added my ingredients and now my soaps are not clear?

If you have added oils, butters and or a high % of Essential Oils you will lose the transparency of the soap. If you want to keep the soap super clear try and keep your additions as low as possible. 

I left my soaps out after making them the other day and now they are all wet?

This is described as 'sweating' and is caused because the soap has been left out in the atmosphere un-wrapped. The soap base contains various ingredients that act as humectants, including high levels of Glycerine. These ingredients attract moisture and beads of water will start to sit on the surface of the soap. A number of factors contribute to this, storage, ambient temperature and humidity, air pressure. The best way to avoid this is to wrap your soaps as soon as they have set to protect them from the atmosphere.

Do I need to let my soap cure after pouring, how long should I wait before using it?

No- Melt & Pour is different to 'Cold Process' our soap base is already fully reacted and cured. Once melted you simply pour, and leave to set. Once the soap bars are fully set and hardened you can remove from the molds and use right away. The term 'cure' is used to describe soap that is still reacting and neutralising whilst setting. This is not the case with Melt & Pour once the soap has set hard you can use it right away.

Are your soap bases derived from vegetable?

Yes, our soap bases are vegetable derived, contain no animal ingredients and we do not test on animals.

Are your soap bases Vegan?

Yes, our range of melt and pour soap bases, along with liquid soap bases are suitable for Vegans. 

How long should I Whip the Foaming Bath Butter for?

We suggest around 15 - 20 minutes of whipping, that will create a nice light and fluffy body whip base.

How much Sugar can I add to Foaming Bath Butter to make a Sugar Scrub?

You can add up to 60% Sugar but we always recommend around 50 / 50 Sugar to Foaming Bath Butter, add around 2-3% of your other additions and you should be able to create a fantastic finished product. 

How long have you been making soap?

Since 1856, so we have over 100 years of soap making experience. 

Is Stephenson still a family business?

We are indeed, now a fifth generation. Our factory is based in the UK, but we now have a US facility located in California.

Do you make your products in the USA?

We make some of our Cosmetic Bases in California, we manufacture all our soap bases, including our liquid soap bases and melt and pour soap bases at our factory in the UK, these are then shipped worldwide to over 50 countries.