How to Make Spooky Halloween Skull Soaps

With Halloween approaching quick, here is an easy and effective recipe from our Stephenson Personal Care Soapologist Gabby, Essentially Eclectic. She shows us how to create spooky skull soaps, the perfect alternative treats for your little horrors this Halloween!

You Will Need:


1. First of all you will need to make your skull embeds. Chop the white soap base into chunks and microwave until melted throughout. 

2. Pour this white soap base into your skull shaped molds and leave to one side to set. Only once these have fully set can you move onto the next step.

3. Repeat Step 1 with the clear soap base, heating until melted throughout. Add your coloring - we chose a dark purple - and fragrance. 

4. As this is a transparent base, you will need to be careful not to overheat your base, and also make sure you work quickly.

5. Pour the soap base into the bar shaped molds - only filling about 0.5 centimeters at first.

6. Add the skull embeds at this point and then proceed to fill the bar molds with the purple soap base surrounding the embeds. 

7. Once filled you can spray your rubbing alcohol over the top of the molds to help get rid of any pesky air bubbles. 

8. Leave to set and enjoy!

Gabby is a creative lifestyle blogger located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She blogs over at Essentially Eclectic.

Freddie Ambery-Smith
Freddie Ambery-Smith


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