How to make 'Soap on a Rope' with a chic twist!

You Will Need:


  • Stephenson's Crystal SLS Free Melt and Pour Base
  • Diamond Molds
  • Plain Jewelry Chain
  • Mica Colors
  • Essential Oil or Scents
  • Microwavable Jugs


Step 1

Chop the Crystal SLS free into small chunks and place in the microwavable jug. Heat, stirring regularly, until the soap base is a consistent, pour-able texture throughout. 

Step 2

Separate the melted base into different vessels. Add your chosen colorings one by one, caeful not to mix the colors. At this point you need to add your fragrances too. Mix well. 

Step 3

Pour the Soap into the mold, making sure you leave a hole. This is where the chain is embedded into your soap.

Step 4

Fold the chain in half and tie in a knot. This will ensure that the chain will stay in place once the soap has set. Thread this part of the chain into the hole in your mold.

Step 5 

Once the soap has fully set with the chain inside, you may carefully remove the soap from the mold. 

Freddie Ambery-Smith
Freddie Ambery-Smith


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