How to Make Cosmic Space Soap!

You Will Need:

  • Stephenson Crystal ST Melt & Pour soap base
  • Mica Color (pink, purple, green and blue)
  • Cosmetic Glitter (Silver)
  • Microwavable Jugs
  • Loaf Mold
  • Mixing Beakers
  • Essential Oils of your Preference

Step 1

Remove the soap base from packaging, chop into chunks and add to separate, microwavable jugs.

Step 2

Melt one of the jugs in the microwave, checking and mixing regularly. Continue until the soap base is a smooth and pourable texture.

Step 3 

Pour the base into two mixing beakers and add your first colorings, glitter and chosen fragrance. This step will be repeated with different colors multiple times. Do not forget to add in your fragrance each time.

Step 4 

Pour both mixtures into your mold at the same time, from opposite ends of the mold. Add enough to form a small layer about a centimeter from the bottom of the mold. Leave until it is semi-set but not completely solid. This ensures that a swirling effect is easy to achieve.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with different colors. The aim is to get lots of layers of different colors in order to create a swirly galaxy effect. We created around 10 or more layers on our soap. Continue until your mold is full.

Step 6

Leave to set overnight and resist the temptation to remove from the mold too early!


Anthony Favela
Anthony Favela


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