We gave Essentially Eclectic's Gabby our shampoo base and asked her to come up with a recipe. She created this amazing Lemon and Coconut Shampoo.

You Will Need

You may change the essential oil to your preferred scent if you wish.

Step One

First of all, measure a cup of the shampoo base and pour into a suitable mixing bowl.

Step Two

Next, add a teaspoon of Coconut Oil. This will give your shampoo nourishing qualities. As you mix together you may notice your base turns opaque.

Step 3 

Finally add your lemon scented essential oil. Add however much you like but we recommend that for one cup of shampoo you can use up to 10 drops of oil.

Once you have mixed your shampoo well, pour into a suitable container for you own use, or packaging if you are selling your shampoo.

Thanks to Gabby for sharing with us this great recipe! Gabby is a DIY lifestyle blogger who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She blogs over at Essentially Eclectic.


Freddie Ambery-Smith
Freddie Ambery-Smith


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