Whether soap making is your hobby at the moment or you are looking to increase sales for your soap business, we not only want to give you the best products , but we also want to give you advice to help you on your way.

We've put together 5 main ways to can increase sales of your soap.


1. Packaging

You might be the best soap maker in the world, but no one will buy your products if the packaging is not spot on. This not only means thinking about the materials you are going to use to wrap your soap, but also thinking about your branding. Try to get across the style of your soap with your logo, and keep this consistent throughout your entire range. 

The Yorkshire Soap Company (pictured below) is a company that does this really well.

Image taken by Ollie Briggs


Whether local or across country, a craft fair is a really good way to get your products and your brand in the public eye. It's normally very low cost to hire a table at a craft fair, and you are getting your products in front of a relevant audience. 

Display your products in an appealing way and make sure your brand is on view. Use offers to entice visitors to your stand and hopefully turn into paying customers..


With today's online customers, you need to be where the customer is. Etsy is a great starting place for this. If you aren't aware of Etsy, it's basically the Amazon for handmade crafts and gifts! They have a really easy to use help centre where you can get all the information you will need to get your online store up and running and start selling that soap!

In the future, it will be worth investing in your own website. This doesn't need to be an expensive site at first, but make sure you make room for this site to expand and be repurposed into a fully fledged ecommerce site - hopefully the need will arise one day!


Image taken from Whim Online Magazine


Wholesaling your items might be something that you shy away from as the cons of this approach seem much more obvious than the pros. Instead of thinking about how much margin will give away, think about the time saved creating orders in bulk and the invaluable exposure to their customer bases and marketing materials. It might turn out to be more than worthwhile.



Ensuring you have a strong social media presence and a regular blog is a great (and free) way of building a following of loyal fans and customers. This is also a great way to increase traffic to your website and as a result, you should see an increase in sales! In the soap making business, content creation is easy - post about your recipes, your advice and personal stories!

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Happy soaping!

Freddie Ambery-Smith
Freddie Ambery-Smith


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