How To Make Shower Jellies

How To Make Shower Jellies

Today I have a REAL treat for you!

First, let me just say that I know every time I try a new Stephenson soap base I tell you it’s my new favorite, but the soap base you’re about to see REALLY IS my new favorite. Why, you ask? Two words: Jelly Soap!

Crystal JS is a vegetable based soap base that melts down and sets to form a jelly solid–think Jello, but made out of soap! Don’t let it’s color straight from the container fool you–it melts down to a transparent soap base perfect for creating brightly colored jellies.

It also has (in my opinion) one of the most neutral scents of all the Stephenson bases I’ve tried, which makes it super easy to add your own fragrance. It’s solid enough to slice into jiggly bars or mold into the shape of your choice, and it feels GREAT on your skin! I promise: You (and your kids) will love this soap base.

Today I’m going to share with you how I made shower jellies (like what they sell at stores like Lush!) using Stephenson’s Crystal JS soap base.


Step 1. Melt down your Crystal Jelly Soap. Normally you can microwave a a melt-and-pour soap base down–typically at 15-30 second intervals–but it is recommended to melt this particular base in a double boiler or similar getup (I used a glass pyrex bowl sitting on top of a sauce pan like this). This soap base will bubble up and boil over easily if melted too quickly/at a temperature that is too hot, which will leave unsightly bubbles in your soap base (and may leave some of your soap base at the bottom of your microwave). Let it melt slowly and do not stir too frequently.

Step 2. Once your soap base is melted down, add your fragrance oil and soap colorant. Water based soap colorants work just find for this soap and are probably what I would recommend for a soap like this if you’re aiming for a transparent soap.

Step 3. Pour your Crystal JS soap base into your mold and let things cool.

Voila! You’ll have a jiggly jello bar of soap in no time! However, if you really can’t deal with jiggly soap, you can always freeze your soap into a solid bar if that’s more your thing.

And last but certainly not least, I’m really excited to share with you Essentially Eclectic’s very first ever VIDEO PRODUCTION! Ok, maybe it’s only 30 seconds long, but I still think you’ll like seeing this jelly soap in action!

I hope you enjoyed this soap making tutorial! Stay tuned for more! And be sure to leave some comment love if you enjoyed this post :)

Gabby is a creative lifestyle blogger located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She blogs over at Essentially Eclectic.

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